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герб Astrakhan

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About Astrakhan

Population: 533 ths
Founded: 1558
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 6410

The city of Astrakhan is an administrative center of the Astrakhan region. It is located on eleven islands of Caspian Depression. The main part of the city (in which lives about 80% of inhabitants) is located on the left bank of the Volga River. It’s connected with the right bank, where is the second part of the city, by two bridges. Altogether here are about 30 bridges in Astrakhan.

Astrakhan is divided into four administrative districts: Kirovsky, Leninsky, Sovietsky and Trusovsky.

According to the city master plan approved in 1769, Astrakhan got regular planning. So, houses in style of classicism have been developed across square General Gubernator Place. Mansions, estates and embankments have been connected with other parts of the city by bridges.

The white stone Kremlin with four blind and three gate towers is located in the central part of Astrakhan. This is the main monument of Astrakhan architecture built at the end of 16th - beginning of 17th centuries. The main constructions situated in its territory are: Uspensky and Troitsky cathedrals, the former Hierarchal house with house church, guardroom, Kirillovsky chapel.

The temple of Assumption Day was constructed in 1721. This is the third Catholic Church after Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Church combines architectural styles of Baroque and Classicism.

One more interesting architectural monument of Astrakhan is the Demidov’s merchant inn built in 17th century. It represents the closed premise with a courtyard. Elevation facing yards have galleries. And nowadays the building occupies half-quarter.

The Persian merchant inn, an architectural monument of 18th century, isn't less interesting. It consists of four two-storeyed buildings. Features of East and West are traced in architecture of these constructions: the walls looking into streets are constructed in style of classicism; the galleries of the yard decorated with arches are peculiar to the East.

The mansion of lumberman Alexander Gubin is also an architectural monument. It’s constructed at the end of 19th century. This is a U-shaped three-storyed building with a cellar and an attic. The main entrance is decorated with lamps. The interior of the house is also very beautiful: the spacious halls decorated with a modelled decor, the marble main staircase, and two tiled fireplaces.

Cultural life of the city are provided by four theaters (The Astrakhan State Musical Theater, the Astrakhan State Puppet Theater, the Astrakhan State Youth Theater, the Astrakhan drama theater), museum of local lore (the most ancient exhibits of it are about 5000 years old), the Astrakhan state art gallery named after Pavel Dogadin (collector and founder of the museum), philharmonic hall, libraries, museums, etc. An interesting movie theater named October is located in Astrakhan. There are not only modern movie halls in it; there is a very beautiful garden with tropical plants in its lobby. Canary date palm tree, Bengal ficus, monstera and other trees grow here. Tropical birds, fishes and a crocodile inhabit also the garden.

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